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Choosing the Best Source of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is meat from cattle that have been fed on grass throughout their lives. The regular beef comes from cows that have been fed on grains, as well as various antibiotics and growth hormones, to maximize growth. Companies that produce grass-fed beef leave their cattle to roam freely and eat grass so that they grow naturally. You can expect the nutrient composition of grass-fed beef to be better compared to that of grain-fed beef due to what the cow takes in as it grows. However, some companies provide false marketing by claiming to produce grass-fed beef even though this is not the case to attract people who like to buy this kind of meat. You need to determine various factors about a source of grass-fed beef to be sure that you are getting the best quality of it, especially considering that you will pay a premium price to access it. Discover some of the factors to look into when choosing the best source of grass-fed beef in this article.

You should find information about the raising of cattle in a firm that deals with grass-fed beef. When you find out how a firm raises its cows when you can get to know if the beef it produces meets the quality expectations of grass-fed beef. There are various pointers that you should look at to know that it meets the quality specifications of grass-fed beef. Purchase from a company that does not give its cattle grain products, antibiotics, and growth hormones. The cattle should also grow in a spacious land and clean feedlots. Be sure that the company also does DNA testing before harvesting as a way to verify superior tenderness and quality. Also get information concerning what a company feeds its cows in times when you cannot access natural grass, to be sure that it uses natural feeds such as alfalfa and hays. Ascertaining the quality of the grass-fed beef you purchase makes sure that you gain the value in buying this kind of meat compared to what is conventionally available.

You need to consider the ease of purchasing grass-fed beef from a particular company. You should buy from a company that provides a means for you to buy online or in-person depending on your location and what works best for you. You also need a company that offers fast delivery services so that the beef will get to you when it is still fresh. It is also crucial to buy from a company that sells grass-fed beef at reasonable rates and offers fair delivery rates to provide you with value for money.

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