Agreement For Cab Service

Cab`s seller ensures the availability of cab transportation information in real time. Responsible for the rates made available to the host. In order to ensure price parity and service parity between moderators and other travel agencies, the Cab seller (owner of Cab) is responsible for any bad organisation with travellers. Cab transportation services are provided at the sole discretion of moderators on the moderators` platform; and Cab`s seller has no right to insist on a benefit given by the facilitators. This agreement is governed by the laws of India and the contracting parties agree with the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi, India. The waiver of a right in this agreement is written and signed by the party who is the subject of an application for execution and must not be waived other rights in this agreement. Without the moderator`s prior written consent. Any communication under this agreement by any of the parties of the other party is addressed to the address of each party covered in this agreement. Changes to this agreement may be made by a separate amendment as an agreement signed by both parties by a revised link sent by intermediaries, and by acceptance by Cab`s seller or by a written notification by e-mail or other means by intermediaries considered an acceptance. by the behavior of Cab`s salesman.

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, neither party is liable for non-compliance with its respective obligations under this agreement, provided that non-compliance or delay is due to events of force majeure (as defined below), provided that the party concerned informs the party not concerned within a reasonable period of time after the start of the force majeure event. Force majeure events are all circumstances that lie outside the reasonable control of parties such as war, riots, floods, fires, acts of God, epidemic, explosion, disease, earthquake, kidnapping, sabotage, crime. This agreement and its annexes constitute the complete and exclusive declaration of the agreement between the parties and complement all proposals and other prior or simultaneous communication between the parties on the purpose of this agreement, either in writing or orally. Each party assures and assures the other party that it has the full right, power and power to manage its activities and conclude this agreement and that it fulfils all obligations, conditions and conditions under this Treaty; neither the enforcement, delivery of the agreement, the enforcement or compliance of the provisions of this agreement, nor lead to a violation of the terms or provisions of that agreement or a violation of its charter documents or by law, or by an agreement, restrictions, an instrument, an order, a judgment, a decree, a law, a law, a rule or a regulation to which it is subject. , or consent, consent or other deeds by a court, court, administrative or governmental authority. The information they disclosed under the agreement, including the annexes, is true, accurate and complete. moderators as a click-Wrap agreement. Accordingly, this agreement between the parties is legally valid because of their online acceptance. Moderators would be responsible for issuing GST invoices equal to the amount recovered with the GST in force from customers who book taxi services through facilitators.

For service charges charged by moderators (if any), moderators provide customers with a tax bill on the amount of the service fee as well as the taxes payable. All contractual payments are subject to the applicable withholding tax provisions.

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