Australia Nuclear Cooperation Agreements

[2] “Plans for New Reactors Worldwide,” World Nuclear Association, The difficulty of doing business with the United States could explain, at least in part, the number of international nuclear projects underway involving countries other than the United States as suppliers. Some of these projects involve countries in the former Soviet Union where the United States would be at a competitive disadvantage anyway. But countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Egypt, India, Slovakia and Turkey have chosen to look for Russian reactors for their new projects (despite the historical problems of Russian nuclear technology and safety culture). [35] On the other hand, the United States is directly involved in a very small number of international projects – limited to South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and certain reactors in China that use U.S. technology[36] – and is largely linked to joint venture agreements with South Korean or Japanese companies that involve the use of intellectual property and technology in the United States. According to reports, the United States is still negotiating a reactor agreement with India, which is somewhat shocking given the extraordinary efforts made in recent years by the George W. Bush administration to secure India`s access to world nuclear trade, including by exceptions to global rules. [37] This objective would be called “nuclear safety devices,” which would declare nuclear materials to the IAEA and would be subject to a large number of transparency and oversight provisions. [1] “Nuclear Power in the USA,” World Nuclear Association, Although the United States played a central role in the creation of the international nuclear trade sector, it is now increasingly excluded from civilian nuclear projects.

The United States now represents a relatively small number of new units, both in Switzerland and abroad. There are a few rays of sunshine for the U.S. nuclear industry, especially when it comes to new technologies. In fact, many of the new reactor constructions underway are U.S. technology and intellectual property, although others are building.

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