Bentley Select Agreement

Any software made available by the download services (“Software”) is the copyrighted work of Bentley and/or its suppliers. The use of the software is, if applicable, subject to the terms of the end-user`s license agreement, which is included in the software or software (“Licensing agreement”). An end user cannot install software associated with or containing a license agreement unless they accept the terms of the license agreement. Welcome to Bentley Systems, Incorporated (“Bentley”) Web Properties. If you are a subscriber to a Bentley subscription program (“Subscriber”) and you have signed a written program agreement (“Program Agreement”), the program agreement, along with all applicable end-user licensing agreements and the following terms of use (“Terms of Use”), will govern your use of web features and all information, documents, products, software, graphics and services (“Materials”) that you download. For subscribers, the following conditions are the sub-conventions to which it is referred in different ways in the respective program agreement. Otherwise, for those who do not fit into any of the previous categories, these terms of use will control your use of web properties. Your consent to follow these Terms of Use and to be related to them is a prerequisite for your use of web properties. By accessing, using or downloading materials from web properties, you accept these terms of use. If you don`t agree with these terms of use, don`t use web properties. Are you still working with Bentley? I am considering a proposal and I see that some of these points are still outstanding. In addition to the warranty and representation described above, by posting a mailing containing images, photos, images or that are fully or partially graphic (“Images”), you guarantee and ensure that (a) you are the copyright holder of these images, or that the copyright holder of these images has authorized you to give these images, content and/or images contained in those images, in accordance with the nature and purpose of your use and how these terms of use and services authorize them, b) you have the rights to issue the licenses and sublicensings described in these terms of use, and (c) that any person represented in these images , if it exists, has given its consent to the use of the images in accordance with these terms of use; , including, for example, and not as a restriction, dissemination, public display and reproduction of these images.

By posting images, you grant (a) to all members of the web property (for each of these images that are available to members of the web property) and/or (b) to the general public (for each of these images available anywhere on the services, except a private community), permission to use your usage-related images, as authorized by these Terms of Use, all services (including, for example, and not as a restriction, prints and gift items containing such images), and including, but without restriction, copying, distributing, distributing, distributing, distributing, disseminating, disseminating, disseminating, reproducing, editing and reforming without your name being attached to those images, and the right to sublicate these rights to one of the service providers.

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