California Divorce Default With Agreement

In the state of California, the divorce process begins when one of the spouses files the dissolution of the marriage. The other spouse who has not filed the dissolution documents must be formally provided in divorce documents, with all the rules relating to the service and notification of the procedure to be respected. The courts have become more lenient on what is considered a legal service in the trial, with the Washington Post reporting that a New York judge recently ruled that divorce papers could be served via Facebook. However, even though the rules on the use of documents have changed, the law continues to inform the non-applicant spouse of the divorce. You have asked for your response in your case of divorce or separation. Now you are ready to finalize the financial disclosures necessary to be divorced or legally separated. Remember that you can submit your financial information at the same time as your response if you wish, but NOT LATER until 60 days after your response. You must have authenticated your written agreement. Make sure that when the agreement is signed, you understand everything you accept.

This type of agreement is often referred to as the “marriage colonization agreement” or MSA. In California, when a spouse asks for a divorce, a copy of the divorce application must be sent to the other spouse. The petitioner (the person seeking divorce) must personally serve his spouse (the defendant in the case). If the respondent does not want a divorce, she may try to hide and avoid service to prevent the divorce from progressing. In this case, the court may allow you to serve the documents in a different way. They can be used z.B by publishing newspapers. You must file your interim disclosure return within 60 days of filing your response. Try to do this as soon as possible after submitting your response.

If you do so sooner rather than later, you and your spouse or national partner will have the information you need to spread your assets and debts and try to reach an agreement on help. While it takes two people to get married, it only takes one to get divorced. And with the help of our Los Angeles family law lawyers, we will approach your divorce with the best procedures available for your unique circumstances.

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