Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5

Progressive release … most everything but invoices works and is rolled in now, including client front-end login.  Style however you like, default styling may be introduced in future releases.

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5

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  1. Nice plugin i love it i have
    1.when i publish front end in a page my page information disappears.
    2.in front end when i add new task (Task Name) when i save it will say cannot find the page.

    nice jobb when can you fix these

    1. 1. I had it set to replace the content, rather than append to it. This was intentional, as the page is meant to be just the client data. That being said, I think what I’ll do for 0.9.6 is change it so that it will only replace the content if the client has authenticated. If it is just displaying the login form, it will simply append it to the content.

      2. Yeah, I’d noticed that, just didn’t get around to fixing it. I’ll have it knocked out for the 0.9.6 release, probably this weekend or early next week.

  2. I would like to have Access Key below page information and picture and so on.

    I have deleted the Task Name input and it works i redirects to the same project and not error cannot find the page.

    1. Do you mean that you want to have the access key below the page contents, or that you want to have the access key login form below page contents?

    1. Hrm, interesting. Probably just an awry ifcheck that I had included for security purposes. I’ll check on it this evening.

  3. yes i want to have the access key below the page contents, little info about the project so that the page is not completely empty and then there is the access key.
    great job anyway when are you going to reales 0.9.6
    looking forward to se

  4. Hammered out all the fixes discussed, but I’d rather not bump it up to 0.9.6 yet. Uploaded the modified files to the repository and bumped the version from 0.9.5 to — contemplating adding in some feature sets over the weekend and releasing 0.9.6 — depends how busy I am.

    Enjoy, and thanks for the bug reports! I really appreciate it!

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