Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.1

Just some minor bugfixes from the last release.  Thanks to Stefan Afe for bringing them to my attention.

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.1

8 Replies to “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.1”

  1. nice job everything is ok looking forward your work, im beta testing your work if its ok by u.

    new trouble side bar widget collapses when im logged in front end

  2. my fault sorry fixed it it was my them. nice job man loved it but i will report i find something cheers

  3. u should put the category under each other if the client would write more than a few word the table will fall and he cant not se what he wrote u have
    Name Description Priority Status Client Project User next to each other

    u welcome man looking forward 09.5.2

  4. another thing when i installed it from wordpress it could not find the header Ndizi is in second folder thats why 😉

  5. Sorted out the directory issue, it’s handled now. WordPress’s SVN is just kinda persnickety.

    And yeah, I see what you mean on that. Maybe kick a second row underneath each entry just for the description. I’ll give it some testing, but keep in mind that I’ve intentionally not applied any styling to it. It’s just semantic HTML that you can mark up however you like.

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