Ndizi Project Management 0.9.6 PRE-RELEASE

So, largely still a work-in-progress, I overhauled how most of the functions are written and abstracted many of the grunt work out. The client front-end page probably breaks like crazy, I’ll be getting that tomorrow, but for anyone who wants to take a look at it as-is, here goes:

Ndizi Class 0.9.6 Snapshot

The code in the back is a -lot- cleaner. I’ve abstracted alot of the form creation into sub-functions, as well as tabular display. Also built in a capability for filters, and added ‘active’ properties to clients and projects. The structure is in place to add comments and file attachments to things, but I need to sort out use-cases and how to actually display them. I’m currently thinking maybe a lightbox pop-up. Not sure.

Any bug reports appreciated. Feature suggestions also welcome, but they’ll be addressed in the coming week or two.

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  1. Hello, I have your most current version installed at the moment and for some reason when I hit “Add New Client” the info disappears as if its been added but there are no clients listed, also when you create a project without a client posted or a client associated with it it creates a ghost project that you cannot see but still shows you the list page.

  2. Small update, I have tried this on another on of my wordpress installations on another server with the same result nothing is being posted to the database from the “Add Client” form and once you make a project that is assigned to “(none)” a ghost is made and no information is being relayed from the database. I dont know if anything is even being posted as far as my text but for it to show that there is a project there, it must be creating the row in some way just with no data in it.

    1. Yeah, I got your bug reports … it looks like for some reason your database is missing some tables. As noone else has reported this issue, I’m guessing you may either have a bad installation, or something is deleting the tables after you install it.

  3. Hi thanks a lot for this great plugin

    I’m a html and css freak and a form in a table looks grazy for me, but it works:-)

    I don’t need dollars, because I’m from Austria and so it was very very fantastic, if I can change Dollars to Euros,
    where can I find the dollars in your files?

    and if it was possible, I would like to help with html and css-if you would like to have me 🙂

    kindyly regards

    1. Hi Monika,


      The tables to hold the form fields is actually based on how WordPress natively does forms in the back-end.

      For changing the currency symbol, that’s totally doable, and actually the easiest way (that I coded for) is to use internationalization support! If you catch $ in the po/mo files, you can change it to whatever currency symbol you like!

  4. Hi George,

    I had the same problem as John on my Windows machine (tables weren’t added to database on install). On Linux hosting everything works fine. When I tried adding one table manually (Windows) via phpMyAdmin I got error message saying that field of type “TEXT” isn’t allowed to have any default value (even empty string ”).

    As Monika said, tables are fine but I’d like to sort them by any column like I can with posts or static pages. Probably you can use default WP functionality. Filtering tasks and time periods (by project, user or client) would be oddsome too.

    I saw in CollabPress that attachements are loaded into projects and/or tasks via standard WP Media Loader. Maybe that’s a hint for you, too. Every WP-user is familliar with that lightbox/flash (or html) method.

    I don’t now how to allow users with Editor or Author roles view/edit their projects and tasks via backend. They can only edit time register.

    1. Sorting out the to-do on stuff has been troublesome lately, as I’m more a developer than a workflow person. I’m trying to carve out some time shortly to make some headway on Ndizi, but it’s slow going.

      Thanks for the tip on the DB — what version of MySQL were you using on that? Or was it with SQL Server?

      (Sorry for the delay, I just discovered that my site hadn’t been emailing me on new comments!)

  5. Any plans for payment integration for invoices? Like PayPal, Google Checkout, etc. Or is it there already and I’m missing something?

    1. Yeah, there are plans for it, but it’s not in the immediate future. Much higher priority things to focus on.

      That being said, the plugin is coded very modularly, so anyone else could step in and release a plugin for Ndizi that would add that functionality if they needed it.

  6. George,
    Great plugin concept! I am having the same issue that John is having. When I attempt to enter any data, the info just disappears and is not added to the database. I haven’t attempted to debug any of this yet but I see that you responded to John’s request by saying that possibly the tables aren’t there. When I have access to my database I will look and see if the tables are indeed there or not.

  7. Just an update to my issue, not sure if this is relevant or not but I’m using Windows 7 with IIS7 hosting PHP and MySQL. Could there be a disconnect here that maybe a permission is not allowing WordPress to create tables?

    1. It seems like the issue is something about Windows servers not supporting some defaults or data types that Ndizi is trying to make. It’s been hinky a lot lately, I’m thinking I’ll need to tweak them a bit.


  8. What would be nice if there was a email indicator, send a email to admin or assigned email on any changes, new project added, status changed, hours added etc.

    But not a bad start for a workflow plugin

    1. The problem with the emailing on time reports added is that … well … do you want to get 20 reports per day of time reports being added? Maybe a daily digest, but at that point, you can just log in and check if it’s being used regularly.

      Emailing to admins and attachments/messages on tasks have the rough structure in place for, I’ve just not had time to finish implementing them.

  9. Hi,

    Works great for us. Question: Is there a way to use standard or advanced editing capabilities in the text fields (adding media, different fonts(height), text formatting, adding tables….)

    Good work!

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