An Apple Anecdote

Friday evening, I ordered a MacBook Pro for my wife.

Figuring it was about $1000 anyways, I just tacked on one-day shipping.

Saturday, when I get the notice that my order has shipped, it says that it’s going to my old address across the state from me. About five hours away. So I call Apple, and explain the situation, and they say that I should go to, enter the Order ID number, and shipping zip code, and it’ll let me redirect the shipment, but as the shipment hasn’t actually been processed by FedEx yet, I’ll have to wait to do it on Sunday. Alrighty, I think. Not a problem.

I change it on Sunday.

Monday morning I check the tracking number, and find that it’s still going to my old address across the state.

I call Apple to ask what’s up, they say that the request went through to FedEx just after 4am Monday morning. To make up for my having this problem, they’re refunding my $27 or whatever that I had paid as a shipping fee.  “Ah well, it’ll come on Tuesday”, I say.

I call FedEx around noon-ish, and they say that they never received any requests from Apple to change the shipping address whatsoever, but it may just need time to propagate through.

Tuesday Morning. Tracking number says it’s still going to my old address.

I call Apple. Speak with a wonderful young lady named Lisa, who puts me on hold while she calls FedEx directly, and then comes back saying that FedEx has assured her the package will be delivered to my present address on Wednesday. And to make up for this, Lisa tells me, Apple is going to send us a free case for the MacBook Pro. Same one-day shipping as the original order. “Great!”, I say.

A couple hours later, when I receive the email confirmation that the case has shipped, where do you suppose the new parcel is getting shipped to?

Yup. You’ve guessed it.

My old address.

UPDATE:  As of Wednesday Morning, the package is -still- at the holding facility across the state.  I just called FedEx to ask WTF, and it seems that the facility got the request to redirect the package yesterday, they just didn’t act on it.  So Marcy (very wonderful woman that she is) called them up (while I was on hold) (yay) and ensured (theoretically) that it would get forwarded today, and arrive tomorrow.


And all this to get a package that was originally shipped from a warehouse in Middletown, PA — a mere 20 minutes down the road from me.