I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Philly 2012!

Looks like I’ve been accepted to speak this year at WordCamp Philly!  I’ll be rambling on about the “Seven Deadly Sins of Theming” — a look at the ghastliest and most horrifying grievances that are made against best practices when making themes — specifically those for commercial consumption.

My main bullet points (so far) are:

  • Copying Snippets (without understanding what they do)
  • Bundling Plugins (just slapping them in your theme directory)
  • Assuming Plugins (calling plugin functions directly from your theme without checking that they are available first)
  • timthumb.php (using it when the existing WordPress thumbnails functionality is secretly better)
  • CDN-Hosted JS, and using it the wrong way.
  • Hardcoding CSS & JS links (rather than enqueueing them properly)
  • Ignoring Child Themes (or, why your template directory is not the same as your stylesheet directory, and the importance of knowing the difference)
  • Failing to take internationalization into consideration
  • Hacking Core Files.  (I’ll punch you in the throat through the internet if you do it)

I’ll probably be cutting or merging a few (to keep it at seven) — but please feel free to make any suggestions of egregious violations that you’ve seen in the comments section below!

Author: George Stephanis

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