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What You Need to Know About Asphaltene Inhibitors

In order for the oil and gas industry to be able to have an efficient operation then it is important for them to be able to have the right processes and chemicals. One of the chemicals that they are using is the asphaltene inhibitor. Whenever crude oil is being used then it is the one that will produce asphaltene. It is this one that is an impurity found in crude oil once these impurities are not removed then it is the one that can choke devices especially the refining equipment. It is during the production stage where asphaltene deposits are found especially in heavy crude oil.

Whenever an insoluble compound is subjected to high temperatures that will reach more than 530?C or 986?F then it is the one that will be producing asphaltenes. And for this very reason, it is an asphaltene inhibitor that you should be utilizing. It is also this one that can handle other compounds like heavy oils, high molecular waxes as well as resins. It is before, during and after the refining process of crude oil that asphaltenes should always be removed. It is this one that can cause damage to the machinery and that is why it is important for the petroleum industry to remove these compounds. These compounds are the eons that will be causing a clog on different parts of the infrastructure. It is this one that can cause troubles on crude oil pipelines, tubular, and subsurface equipment like pumps and compressors. Once the clogging happens then it is the one that can halt the operation of the oil refining process.

If you take a look at crude oils, then it is you that can find two different types. These are the light crude oil and the heavy crude oil. Once you take a look at both of these oils then both of them also contain asphaltenes. The heavy crude oil is the one that will have higher concentrations of asphaltenes in it. It is during heavy crude production though that these concentrations remain stable. This simply means that it is the one that will not be causing any clogging. For light crude oil production though, it is this one that will have a higher chance of well clogging. This is due to the different amounts of asphaltenes in it, these compounds are the ones that can be deposited in the production tubular. And it is during the crude production where the asphaltenes that are produced will be in the form of asphalt. It is this one that is considered to be a waste material or byproduct.

By making sure that you will be using an asphaltene inhibitor then it is the one that can provide a number of advantages. One of the things that it is able to do is that is removed insoluble compounds from the crude oil as well as the petroleum production streams.

It is also this one that will reduce the production of asphaltenes from the crude oil. This means that it is the one that will be maximizing production and preventing and restriction or deposits of this compound on the tubular and flowlines.

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