Wfg Associate Membership Agreement Form

Under no circumstances should a WFG employee contact the WFG sponsorship company, product suppliers or a regulatory authority. All questions should be directed to the SMD or WFG. To be sponsored by a WFG product provider and obtain a provincial health/life insurance license, please file the following original documents: () all licensing forms, applications, photos, criminal record checks and/or receipt, etc., ;() all licence review fees must be paid by cheque or in order of borrowing from the relevant insurance board; Transamerica-Gesellschaftsvertrag/Associate Agreement (MIA Intermediary Agreement; 1 Kopie) ;() a full and current application for transamerica CLHIA for a contract or sponsorship. You must answer all questions and provide documentation for all questions you have answered yes to. The required documents include: court records, up-to-date credit report, letter of declaration, etc. Section 2: APPLICANT S UPLINE SUPPORT Your hierarchy is determined by the information provided on page 4 of this application under upline support. Under no circumstances should a WFG staff member contact the WFGIA sponsorship company, product suppliers or a regulatory authority. All questions should be directed to the SMD or WFG. If this application is physically filed, the applicant must submit documents to: WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP CANADA INC Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M2N 7E9 WARNING: CANADA AMA PROCESSING Fax: Associates must not obtain products until it obtains written approval from WFG`s product supplier and/or associated companies. BE AT FULL ALL SECTIONS OF THIS AMA AND PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION IF NECESSARY. INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL DELAY PROCESSING OF THE APPLICANT S APPLICATION. PLEASE NOTE: ALL WFG ASSOCIATES WHO ARE SECURITIES LICENSED MUSS NUR REGISTERED THROUGH WFG SECURITIES INC.

(WFGS) BE. WFG AND WFG ARE OF AFFILIATED SOCIETIES. 2 8 of this agreement, all debit assets that expire next or after, and all remaining assets will be payable immediately and payable and will be paid at an interest rate equal to the Toronto Dominion Bank`s prime rate plus 10 per cent (10%) interest rate. until payment is made. The partner immediately hands over to the WFG all books and records relating to the WFG, including, but not limited to all requests and payments that the partner may have in his possession or under his control at the time of termination. V. Arbitration of Appeals The parties agree that, with the exception of what is expressly provided for in this Agreement, each appeal is settled exclusively by arbitration. VI. Exceptional discharge The partner acknowledges that the WFG would suffer extremely costly and irreparable damages, losses and damages if any of the provisions of this contract are breached by the partner. The partner agrees that the WFG has the authority to request extraordinary discharge in order to have violations made temporary by the partner in this agreement, and that the WFG can apply for extraordinary discharge from the courts of the Province of Ontario, to any competent court outside the province of Ontario, as well as in arbitrations, and if the courts in more than one of them require that all be able to apply for extraordinary discharge without having to meet the requirements of section V beforehand.

The terms of this Article VI are not considered to exclude or limit the judicial or arbitral power relating to exceptional discharge. VII. Awarding compensation and award to A. Associate undertakes to maintain unscathed and unscathed and against all compensated losses incurred or assessed against the unscathed party or a combination of them, due to or as a result of acts or omissions, including, but not limited to, but not limited to, a violation of Section II.N, or a breach of contracts associated with privileged companies, by associates.

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