Ndizi Project Management 0.9.6 PRE-RELEASE

So, largely still a work-in-progress, I overhauled how most of the functions are written and abstracted many of the grunt work out. The client front-end page probably breaks like crazy, I’ll be getting that tomorrow, but for anyone who wants to take a look at it as-is, here goes:

Ndizi Class 0.9.6 Snapshot

The code in the back is a -lot- cleaner. I’ve abstracted alot of the form creation into sub-functions, as well as tabular display. Also built in a capability for filters, and added ‘active’ properties to clients and projects. The structure is in place to add comments and file attachments to things, but I need to sort out use-cases and how to actually display them. I’m currently thinking maybe a lightbox pop-up. Not sure.

Any bug reports appreciated. Feature suggestions also welcome, but they’ll be addressed in the coming week or two.

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.6

Whoo!  Finally got Invoices to the point where I’m mostly happy with them.

Just gotta work out a good way of tying time reports to invoices, and it’ll be finished!  Well … the core invoicing functionality, anyways.

I’ve had several people e-mailing me lately about road-maps for the future of the plugin.  My plans from here are to do the following: Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.6”

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.2

A couple minor bug fixes and upgrades.  Adds in time form at the top of the logged in admin pages, as well as migrates some data to the actual WordPress dashboard. Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.2”

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.1

Just some minor bugfixes from the last release.  Thanks to Stefan Afe for bringing them to my attention. Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5.1”

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5

Progressive release … most everything but invoices works and is rolled in now, including client front-end login.  Style however you like, default styling may be introduced in future releases. Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.5”

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.0

So, I went on a programming binge last night and chunked out most of the core functionality for the Project Management plugin that I’ve been tinkering with building.  It currently handles Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Time.  Invoicing and a public client page will be coming soon in a later version.  Currently open to any & all feedback, the UI will definitely be needing some work, this release is just to get the core functionality out there, and garner some feedback. Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.0”