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Indicators That You Have Found a Responsible French Bulldog Breeder

Are you planning on getting a French bulldog puppy? Well, you have chosen wisely. These dogs are not only intelligent and loving but also well-behaved and useful for keeping unwanted pests out and for security purposes. They are, however, a sensitive breed. So, truth be told, raising and looking after a newborn French bulldog puppy is not easy, particularly if you aren’t a certified and trained breeder. You will have to, therefore, get a fully-grown puppy from a breeder. Finding a breeder is not a problem since there are many of them out there. Tracing a responsible and reputable breeder is the main challenge. This article will discuss a few signs that indicate that you’ve found a reliable and proficient breeder.

A responsible breeder should be committed to ethical breeding. So, what does this type of breeding entail? Firstly, breeders mustn’t rear a large number of puppies. These puppies are delicate. Thus, they require undivided attention and care. Breeders who rear a lot of puppies will not be in a position to care for them as expected. Also, these puppies are susceptible to deadly infections. When they are reared in large numbers, diseases spread faster. Thus, leading to a high death toll. Secondly, ethical breeders also have to rear these pups in a favorable environment. They must see to it that they provide all the resources that these puppies need so that they can grow and develop normally. Ask about the ethical practices your breeder observes. Never adopt a pup from any breeder that doesn’t show commitment towards ethical breeding.

How does a breeder handle the adoption and purchase process? Ideally, breeders shouldn’t view their puppies as a commodity. On the contrary, their puppies should be of great value to them not because of the money they stand to gain but because of the attachment and love they have towards them. Breeders who truly care about their puppies will not try to speed up the adoption process. They will, instead, evaluate you thoroughly to see if you have what it takes to take good care of their puppies. They will do this by asking you various questions. What plans do you have for the puppy? Have you already made accommodation arrangements? Do you know any certified and reputable vets? Do you know anything about the French bulldog breeds? These are only a few of the questions that you should expect. Give truthful answers because the breeder will follow you up to verify if the information you provided is genuine or not. You will know that a breeder is only after the money if they try to hasten the selling process. These types of breeders are unscrupulous. Avoid making any dealings with them.

Responsible and reputable breeders will go the extra mile to see that their pups are well-taken care of. For instance, they will strive to build and maintain a lasting relationship with their clients so that they can keep tabs on the puppies. Breeders that cut ties with their puppies and their new owners immediately after finalizing the adoption aren’t to be trusted. It could be that they never even cared about the puppies, to begin with.

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