The latest trends in graphic design for e-commerce

Website design is evolving all the time, mainly because e-commerce owners and designers want to provide customers with the best shopping experience. It brings them greater financial benefits so they care about that. If you have your own online store, you can’t stay behind. See the list below and learn about the latest trends in design and make changes to your website.


Most people replaced using desktops with smartphones, because it is more convenient and faster. We always have phones at hand and we can check the offers of shops even on the bus when returning home from work. People’s new habits – for example like this with buses – have changed the perception of web design. Designers have to change point of view and they have to focus on designing the store view on the phone screen in the first place and later turn it into a computer screen. Until now it was the opposite.


Storytelling has big power. Using it in your store to show your passion for a product or service and your willingness to help the customer, you can gain a lot. You just need to figure out how you will communicate it in an intriguing way. By telling a short story, you can establish an emotional connection with the customer, increase his trust and your credibility. Think what story you can tell on your website.

Experimenting with colors

In the last few years most websites were distinguished by minimalism and white space. In this year we see the difference ecommerce website design changed a little and designers have started to experiment with intensive and conspicuous colors. Thanks to that fresh look, websites are memorable. If you are designing a store, choose effective colors and connect it with neutral background, letters with highlights, large typography and interesting navigation objects. Then the website will be original and you will achieve your goal.

Photography from your business

If you’ve been using free photos available on the internet so far, put an end to it and schedule a session with a professional photographer. Ask him to take photos of your business and products. Convert stock photos to unique photos taken in your company. This will help you sell your story and products more effectively. You won’t regret this decision.


Remember that in the online store, appearance is not the only important thing. Take care also of the security of your users’ data. Take appropriate security measures to prevent hacker attacks. To improve security and increase customer confidence when shopping online, use HTTPS encryption – most often it is enough.


To improve customer service, introduce a chatbot to your website that will answer questions. It will be the customer’s personal assistant and it answers any recurring question. You just need to program it well. Programming a chatbot and designing a website are not easy tasks, but don’t worry. You can ask for help from specialists and then everything will certainly be easier!


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