Customer Service and Sales Learnings for Q4 2020

In modern markets where production is giving way to services, the standard of customer service is constantly growing. Strategic decisions on a multi-channel plan to support existing, potential, and internal customers can prove to be the success or failure factor. We present a list of a few handful learnings that are already visible in customer service and sales processes, and will be present in the industry even more in Q4 2020.

You need to be omnichannel

From the customer’s point of view, customer service should be convenient, fast and, thanks to mobile technologies, possible anywhere and anytime. However, what even the largest brands offer often differs from the expectations of consumers, because for sellers it is sometimes a challenge to introduce the entire range available in stationary sales to the online or mobile channel.

Not all of them even make such sales. The list can be long: the price of the product varies, depending on the sales channel, you cannot submit an online complaint for goods purchased at a traditional point or return an online purchase at a nearby gallery.

That is why omnichannel plays such an important role: being available to the client exactly when he expects it. Thanks to tools such as help desk software, it is possible to adapt to the method of communication preferred by customers.

Consider, for example, chat, which is also preferred by customer service employees. Companies benefit from this situation because many responses and conversations in the chat can be automated, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire customer service department. Since everyone benefits from it, there is no reason to continue to resist introducing chat in the company.

Look for solutions, not problems

Customer service is not only personal support. In order to offer the best possible experience to potential users of products or services, you need to ensure innovations in the field of technology.

Over the past decade, webinars and videoconferences have seen a clear, steady rise in interest. Nevertheless, the outbreak of the pandemic opened a new chapter in the history of this technology. changed the world beyond recognition and redefined our everyday life in every respect – professional, economic, social and educational.

The new situation brought with it a number of limitations of global scope, caused an unprecedented increase in the demand for webinar and videoconferencing software.

Instead of looking for problems related to the outbreak of a pandemic and the lack of opportunities for sales or customer service meetings, it is worth creating opportunities. One of them is the use of webinar software to implement sales strategies and product updates.

Make the most of data

Few of us easily accept the fact that we can be put into rigid categories and predict our next steps based on previous activity. There is no doubt, however, that the companies that collect the most anonymous information about their customers and learn from them do the best. There are algorithms that can predict interests or needs based on the behavior of other users. Cross Selling is one of the secrets to the success of the world’s largest online store. The simple conclusion is that in customer service, intuition and blind arrows should be replaced by advanced analytics.

And this is because it is impossible to meet more and more demanding standards, it is not possible to plan, make business decisions about the future, when you let the staff just do the trick. Without any control. Without looking into analytics. Tools that allow for a non-standard approach to the subject of data processing, such as link retargeting platforms, that allow you to build a custom audience on Facebook, to be used, for example, to display sales content, will also be increasingly popular.

Over to you

2020 has slightly confused sales teams and customer service departments. However, if they implement appropriate solutions, it will be much easier not only to transfer these processes online, but also a good foundation for hybrid work, which is definitely not the future anymore, but the present.


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