I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Philly 2012!

Looks like I’ve been accepted to speak this year at WordCamp Philly!  I’ll be rambling on about the “Seven Deadly Sins of Theming” — a look at the ghastliest and most horrifying grievances that are made against best practices when making themes — specifically those for commercial consumption.

My main bullet points (so far) are:

  • Copying Snippets (without understanding what they do)
  • Bundling Plugins (just slapping them in your theme directory)
  • Assuming Plugins (calling plugin functions directly from your theme without checking that they are available first)
  • timthumb.php (using it when the existing WordPress thumbnails functionality is secretly better)
  • CDN-Hosted JS, and using it the wrong way.
  • Hardcoding CSS & JS links (rather than enqueueing them properly)
  • Ignoring Child Themes (or, why your template directory is not the same as your stylesheet directory, and the importance of knowing the difference)
  • Failing to take internationalization into consideration
  • Hacking Core Files.  (I’ll punch you in the throat through the internet if you do it)

I’ll probably be cutting or merging a few (to keep it at seven) — but please feel free to make any suggestions of egregious violations that you’ve seen in the comments section below!

WordCamp Boston 2012

I’ll be speaking this year at WordCamp Boston!  Date and time to follow as I learn more, but my talk will be titled “Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue” — we’ll be looking at the classic ‘Kubrick’ theme that shipped with WordPress until 3.0, and bringing it up to date with HTML5 and CSS3!

The theme has traditionally used images to achieve the rounded borders and gradients it displayed.  Fortunately, these are all achievable with modern CSS technologies, and in this talk, we’ll look at why and how we can implement them!

Come say hi!

Detect mobile devices in WP 3.4

So there’s a new function in town for detecting mobile browsers — no need to rely on the syntactically incorrect $is_iphone!

Azaozz added in the new wp_is_mobile(); — no parameters, and it returns a Boolean — true or false.  Its a great way to future-proof your code, and outsource the browser detection to core, rather than having to maintain it as new browsers and devices get released.


Windows Phone 7 is Obnoxious

Especially when trying to manage dropdown/flyout menus.

I’m trying to sort out a way to make the WP core admin UI friendly to Mobile IE, but it doesn’t actually care about the `ontouchstart` event.  At all.

All it sees are clicks.

Cheap, Legal O’Reilly Books

As Featured On Lifehacker

Want a cheap O’Reilly programming book? Buy the iOS App from iTunes (it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or not, and most of their books are around $5 as apps) and simply unzip the .ipa file on your computer.

Poke around in the folders, and you’ll find the whole text of the book stored as plain html files — ready for reading on any device or computer.

Quite the steal, considering their Kindle editions sell for about three times as much, and there’s no DRM on HTML

You might even find an easter egg like I did in my PHP5 book. Upon unzipping it, I found an epub version of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland … presumably to just eat up space and make the app appear bigger.

Check out some of their available titles here: http://www.uquery.com/sellers/oreilly-media-inc