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Do have a tendency of making people laugh? Have you always been dubbed the class clown and gotten advice from your friends about how you should pursue a career in comedy? Are the great comedians your heroes? Well the great news for you is that no major certifications are required to become a comedian. As a matter of fact, you can begin right now. On the flipside of the story however, being a comedian is no joke and can be very competitive at times. However, this minor setback has never stopped anyone from achieving their goal, has it? When you really think about it, comedians have among the most glamorous jobs, since all they do to earn a living is make people laugh. They do not do it in informal settings though e.g. cracking jokes at bars then asking for money afterwards, they often do it in events, at gigs, on TV shows and movies and in public. While some comedians specialize in stand-up comedy, some go on to become actors, while others are the whole package and managed to do all of it. Regardless of which area one pursues, the ultimate goal is to entertain audiences through humorous stories and jokes.

The only entry requirement to become a comedian is that you are funny. There are definitely plenty of master classes and courses anyone can take to improve their delivery, but still this does not take away the fact that you have to be naturally good at making people laugh for such courses and classes to take any effect. You need to build your own courage and confidence to sell yourself out there. Some incredible great is also needed since not all your gigs will be a success and not all people will find your jokes funny. Regardless of the negative feedback you get along your career, you should soldier on and take it in your stride. With regard to training, there are no formal comedy schools anyone can attend. However, plenty of practice is needed to learn effective delivery of jokes. When not performing, aspiring comedians should practice their jokes on other people and hone their skills. By learning to effectively deliver jokes regardless of who, where and when you are delivering, you will establish a name for yourself and climb up the ranks.

The working hours of comedians vary from person to person since it is not a 9-5 profession, as it entirely depends on an individual. For those seeking to pursue stand-up comedy, late night performances are a must while those interested in television, early mornings will be a norm. The working conditions also vary based on the kind of comedy a person pursues. Different comedians may work in different conditions such as basement bars, large auditoriums or film sets. Because this work is majorly freelancing, you should aim to get as many gigs as possible, without being too picky. This is particularly vital at the beginning of your career in order to build a name for yourself.

Lastly, the earnings of comedians vary from individual to individual. Since a career in comedy involves a lot of freelancing, some will inevitably be more famous and successful than others, which consequently reflects in what they earn. Becoming a top comedian is certainly achievable however, it requires plenty of patience and hard work not to mention dedication to your craft.

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