4 Customer Service Mistakes No One Should Make In 2020


We expect much more from the virtual world than from standard solutions. Ultimately, a smartphone resting in a pocket or purse is able to solve many problems without delay. Wherever there are great opportunities, there is also a lot of responsibility. It is undertaken especially by companies that take advantage of the benefits offered by the global network. Customer service standards must not only adapt to modern standards, but even exceed them: after all, in today’s technology-driven business, everything can change in the blink of an eye. A moment of not keeping up with the latest trends in digital customer service can be disastrous.


Today we’ll tackle customer service mistakes: what can cause customer dissatisfaction and how do you fix it?


Obsolete customer support


The customer wants to make sure that the shipment will take place before the weekend, reports a problem with the invoice data, an error during shipment. If he contacts the store several times, and for example, first he writes an e-mail and then calls, then in the absence of good integration of communication channels, he may get the impression of chaos – “they do not remember, they do not communicate, they do not control it”. He has to repeat himself and he has the unpleasant feeling that no one is interested in him – even if it is not true. The entire history of communication should be immediately available to all employees involved in this process. Additionally, it is worth introducing the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option for telephone support.


No omnichannel communication


Clients differ in terms of both personal preferences and the degree of involvement in the technology market. Therefore, the adopted strategy of customer service standards cannot focus solely on one solution. Leaving a few options to choose from will meet the expectations of a much larger group of recipients. It will also have a positive impact on the image of the entire brand.

Smooth interpenetration of channels (omnichannel) will streamline and improve customer service, who will appreciate that the interlocutor is immediately aware of his case.


If you cannot provide this type of support at this stage of running your business, think about outsourcing or delegating responsibility. It may be a good idea to turn on affiliate marketing. In this model, the affiliate marketer is responsible for customer service, all kinds of questions and requests, but also for sales. While you have to pay a certain fee for this service, it can help you improve your customer service.


Impersonality of contact


In contact with the store, we want to feel that we are treated individually, maybe even exceptionally. After all, CX, customer experience is a purchasing experience; more than a little cool-sounding customer service. The store can show a more friendly face if, regardless of the communication channel, it recognizes us immediately, and the person serving us has access to the contact history. Personalization builds loyalty!


Lack of social media presence


Brands that decide to be present in social media should remember about the so-called “golden rule”: social media is interaction and conversation! A brand can’t be passive by posting only. He also has to answer fan questions and interact with them. It should thank for comments, help and even inspire. A brand must be there where its customers are and follow them, it must “approach” them when they expect something, first of all to meet their needs. In order to respond well to the needs and focus on the strategy, it is worth investing in an appropriate social media management tool.


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