CMS Inefficiencies

In the publishing world, there are two main methods of distributing content, and they’ve flip-flopped over the centuries. Until Gutenberg invented his printing press in Germany, if you wanted a book, you would order it, scribes would copy it, and in a few months to a year, you’d get your copy. Print-On-Demand, or Just-In Time publishing, in its most rudimentary sense. Continue reading “CMS Inefficiencies”

NO-IE v1.0.1

Something I’ve had sitting about my hard drive for a while … this plugin gives you the ability to display a widget to your visitors, reminding them to upgrade their browser!  It can display a link to download the current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer — entirely up to you which of the five are offered to the user, and whether they are randomized on each page load.  You can also select whether to display the reminder to IE6 and under, or IE7 and under. Continue reading “NO-IE v1.0.1”

Cheap, Legal O’Reilly Books

As Featured On Lifehacker

Want a cheap O’Reilly programming book? Buy the iOS App from iTunes (it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or not, and most of their books are around $5 as apps) and simply unzip the .ipa file on your computer.

Poke around in the folders, and you’ll find the whole text of the book stored as plain html files — ready for reading on any device or computer.

Quite the steal, considering their Kindle editions sell for about three times as much, and there’s no DRM on HTML

You might even find an easter egg like I did in my PHP5 book. Upon unzipping it, I found an epub version of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland … presumably to just eat up space and make the app appear bigger.

Check out some of their available titles here:

Ndizi Project Management v0.9.0

So, I went on a programming binge last night and chunked out most of the core functionality for the Project Management plugin that I’ve been tinkering with building.  It currently handles Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Time.  Invoicing and a public client page will be coming soon in a later version.  Currently open to any & all feedback, the UI will definitely be needing some work, this release is just to get the core functionality out there, and garner some feedback. Continue reading “Ndizi Project Management v0.9.0”

Widget Category Posts v1.0

Sure, WordPress has a widget for displaying your most recent posts, but what if you want to only display the posts from a single category in a widget, and not everything?  This plugin Widget lets you set the title, category, and quantity of posts to display, then it kicks out a list of the most recent posts in that category. Continue reading “Widget Category Posts v1.0”

Almost All Categories v1.0

Just a little widget that adds in some useful functionality that WordPress (oddly enough) doesn’t include stock … listing almost all of your categories. Say, for example, you have a utility category entitled “Events,” and you want to display a list of all your site’s categories, but don’t want “Events” to display in that list. Instead of hard-coding a list into a text widget, just use this! Continue reading “Almost All Categories v1.0”

Dummy Content v1.0.1

Fairly simple plugin using the API to generate dummy pages and posts for your WP install.  Posts can be put in any category, and pages can be nested as you like.

Future versions will move the Lorem Ipsum generator internally (and work quicker) as well as providing more interesting content than 3-10 paragraphs of lorem ipsum.  Lists, em, strong, etc.  Also, images! Continue reading “Dummy Content v1.0.1”